As Narrative

As Narrative

It was on the cards that I should go into language and communication. My entire closest family are teachers or have been. I spent a number of years with comparative literature. It took me around in philosophy, history, psychology, sociology and linguistics. Looking in the rear mirror I especially appreciate that I learned to decipher texts, including what is written between the lines.

My experience with organisations started in the activist groups in the 70'es. I was part of the student movement and of grass root groups inside the school and health care system. That was before the term NGO was invented, but I have come to realize that organisational politics thrive equally well in formal and informal systems.

I started teaching during my first years at university and continued this career when moving into the health care sector. Here I got into a lot of cross-words and -issues:
cross-professional, cross-functional, cross-organisational. It remains a riddle to me how such a compartmentalized system as a hospital can actually perform its services. It must hold enormous goodwill of all those involved.

Two cultural shifts have been important to me. The first was when I moved to the city from the countryside to go to university, the second was when I left the public sector and got into business. On both occasions I have had personal prejudices deconstructed, and I have been struck with how much stereotyping is a part of everyday life.

3M became my entry to the international arena and the stage for my development from teacher to consultant. As to the international arena, I had the opportunity to study and work with cultural issues in an increasingly global context. Becoming a consultant to me has meant moving away from having always an answer ready towards asking - hopefully - useful questions and designing inspiring learning environments.

When I became a freelancer it was first and foremost due to my interest in culture and cultural differences. Why content oneself with one bird in the hand when there are ten in the bush - or limit one's experience to one company when there are scores around? This is how I still feel about it. There is new experience waiting around any next corner.

After 20 years as an external consultant I am now reaping the benefits. My base for comparisons has broadened, my sensitivity to differences in company cultures has grown - and so has, I believe, my tolerance.


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